Adding GIFs to your workflow tasks could help with the experience your team will have by reading the tasks. From cheering them up with a funny GIF to expressing how important some of the messages are.

How strong your GIF game is, it's all on you...there are no limits :)

Supported formats:

A valid URL to an image file will be displayed at the bottom of the attachment. We support GIF, JPEG, PNG, and BMP formats.

Large images will be resized to a maximum width of 360px or a maximum height of 500px, while still maintaining the original aspect ratio.

How to add GIFs from

1. Once you find a GIF you want, click on "Media" button

2. After that, you need to copy the URL from Source

3. Simply paste this URL to your task. You can find the GIF input section under task message.

4. That's it. Once you assign this workflow your task will include GIFs :)

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