Trigger your workflows whenever something changes in GitHub account. With options to specify exactly which repository and what needs to change in an issue/pull request, gives you full control over your processes.

How to connect your GitHub Account

  1. Go to Integrations tab

  2. Click Connect Integration button

  3. It will take you to GitHub Authorize page where you need to Authorize AhoyTeam-ENG account

  4. Once authorized, it will automatically redirect you back to AhoyTeam app and the integration is connected

Authorizing access to your GitHub account

What we need access to:

AhoyTeam application will be able to read and modify repository webhooks and services (no direct code access).

Read, write, ping, and delete repository webhooks:

  • Write, ping, and delete actions could be called by AhoyTeam only on webhooks created by AhoyTeam.

  • Other webhooks created by your access token or UI won't and cannot be touched.

  • AhoyTeam creates webhooks according to the New Trigger Form.

How we store the data:

AhoyTeam stores only the data that are being sent within a Slack/Email task. Those data users can configure within a Flow Trigger Form.

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