Instead of scheduling meetings and inviting team-mates manually, use this integration directly in AhoyTeam to trigger new Zoom meetings within tasks in your assigned workflows.


  1. Click on the Integrations > Account Integrations in the main top navigation

  2. Find a Zoom integration and click Connect Integration

  3. You will be redirected to sign in to Zoom and authorize AhoyTeam

  4. Once authorized, you'll see Zoom connected in the Integrations tab and you're ready to go


  1. Simply click Disconnect Integration in the Integrations tab and all will be disconnected

How to connect Zoom in workflow tasks

  1. Once you add a task to your workflow template, you will be able to choose a type of task. Click on "Meeting"

2. You can type a message you want to display with the Zoom link and choose to which #channel you want this task to be delivered.

3. Scroll down the Task detail to "switch on" the Zoom integration, this will create a Zoom link once the task is delivered

4. You're all set! Once your workflow is assigned and delivered to Slack it will create a message like this, where your team can just join the Zoom meeting:


If you'll have any trouble connecting or setting up Zoom integration, you can reach out to us through the Intercom chat at the bottom or message us as

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