A Trigger is a configuration defining which workflow template will be started for whom, and when. You can create and edit them in the Workflows -> Triggers section of the web app.

Trigger name

Trigger name shows up in Active workflows and History tabs, so we suggest giving triggers descriptive names. It is not shown in the delivered slack messages though.

Workflow template

Here you choose which workflow template should be executed by this trigger. If the template has some tasks assigned to an undefined @team-member or #channel , you will be prompted to fill these in as a second step of creating the trigger.

When to send it

Just once

This trigger will start the workflow just once on the set date and time. After that, it will disappear from the Triggers list.


This trigger will start the workflow repeatedly. It will never disappear form the Triggers list unless someone changes the setting or deletes it.


In case of a weekly repeat, you can select the days on which you wish for the workflow to start.


If you set up a monthly repeat, you can choose for the repeat to either respect the date, or the day of the week. Monthly Thursday beers, anyone? 🍻

Trigger by integration

Lastly, you can use an integration to start a workflow. For detailed explanation of how each integration works and how to set it up, check out the Integrations section of the Help Center.

In short, you can set up which event from the integrated service should start the workflow. Moreover, you can also select which data is to be included in the messages that will be sent by the AhoyTeam bot.


Assign to

Here you can select one or multiple team members who are the primary assignees of the workflow. This means that all the tasks in the workflow assigned to @assignee will be sent to the selected people.

⚠️  AhoyTeam bot will always send tasks in a direct messages. If you want more people to see the same message, assign the task to a channel instead. 

Tasks assigned to other team members or channels are not affected by this.

If the workflow is triggered by Airtable integration, you can use the Dynamic Airtable assign feature, and specify which column defines the assignee instead of selecting them when creating the trigger.


If you set a manager, this person will be included in all the messages between the assignee and the AhoyTeam bot.

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