The first task collection gets executed immediately when the workflow is triggered. The consecutive collections will then be sent either after a set time delay, or when a condition is met.

Time- delayed collections

Any collection can be sent when a set amount of minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months passes since the previous one was sent.

Condition-based collections

Alternatively, you can send a collection when a certain action happens with the tasks in the previous one.

Use the Number of tasks dropdown to set whether this condition applies to all tasks in the previous collection, or just selected ones.

Previous tasks completed

All tasks completed means that tasks in the previous collection were delivered, and if they had any interaction set ( ✅ Accept , ❌ Reject , and Fill survey buttons), the receiver has interacted with them.

Previous tasks accepted or Previous tasks rejected

In this case, the user has to click on the Accept or Reject button, respectively.

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