Tasks are building blocks of templates. They are grouped together in collections, which allow you to execute multiple actions simultaneously.

Task type


This is a task that requires the assignee to complete it. By default, it has one interaction button: ✅ Mark done .


Encourages the assigned team member or channel to have a meeting. If your team has a Zoom integration set up, there is an option to automatically create a Zoom meeting and include the link to it in the message.


This task usually includes some documents for the assignee to go through.


A simple message or notification which doesn't require any action from the assignee.


This task includes an action button Show survey , which opens a modal with survey questions.

Available question types:

  • Open-ended

  • Dropdown

  • Single choice

  • Multiple choice

Each assigned team member can answer the survey just once.

Assign to

Every task can be assigned either to the main workflow assignee, another team member, or a slack channel.

In case of assigning the task to another team member or channel, you can either pick the specific target when creating the template, or leave it blank - in that case, you will be prompted to select the target when creating a trigger.


You can write the content of the task the same way you would write a slack message. Add emojis, format the text, mention team members or channels...


Every task type except survey can have one or two interaction options that you can fully customize. They can be used for conditional branching - check out Conditions and time delays for more information.

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