AhoyTeam templates are workflows composed of tasks, reflecting the repeated processes and flows in your team.

Workflows are assigned to specific team members using Triggers, but tasks inside the workflow can be assigned to other team members, and even channels.

Tasks and task collections

Tasks and are the main building blocks of the template. They can be of various types, and they have customizable assignees and interaction buttons. A more detailed info about tasks can be found in the dedicated article about Tasks.

A collection is a bundle of tasks which share the same condition or time delay.

Conditions and time delays

Task collections are connected either by conditions, or time delays. For in-depth information, head to Conditions and time delays.


Any process that's occurring repeatedly in your team can be automated using AhoyTeam workflows. Here are a few examples of flows that can be easily automated:

Remote Employee Onboarding

Monthly Happiness Survey

Weekly Newsletter creation

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