First, make sure you already created at least one Flow in the "All Flows" tab.
If you didn't, here's a quick tutorial on how to do it.

1. Navigate to Workflows > Assign Flows through the main navigation and press the "+ Assign Flow" button

2. You can start assigning the flow by filling in all the information.

  • Assigned new employee
    Flows can be assigned to anyone from your Slack team or future-employees from the "New Hire" tab in the main navigation.
  • Assigned manager
    The assigned manager or an onboarding buddy will be included in the new Slack channel with the assignee to be always available to help out and keep track of the process.
  • Starting date
    Set up a starting date for new hire and a specific time when the daily reminders will be delivered to them through Slack message. Don't worry; it's in the assignee's timezone that they set up themselves on Slack.
  • Included flows
    Choose which flows should be included in this workflow. You can combine multiple saved flows together.
    Note: When combining flows together, they will merge into one timeline (e.g., Day 3 from one will be the same as Day 3 from the second flow.
  • Pre-onboarding tasks
    If any of the choose flows had pre-onboarding tasks in it, you could choose if you want to skip them or include in this assigned workflow.

    + You can set up a specific day (before Day 1) when the pre-onboarding should be delivered to the assignee. 

3. An additional step, if some of the flows had tasks where you need to specify channel or teammate that the task should be assigned to.

Note: This happens when you're not sure who will be responsible for doing the task in the time of making the flow templates.

4. Once the workflow is assigned, you can keep track of the progress by viewing the detail of any of the currently assigned workflows.

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