Start by navigating to Workflows > All Flows through the top navigation and press a button +Add New Flow

1. You can choose from creating a flow from scratch or our pre-made templates. For this purpose, choose the "Create Empty Flow" option.

2. First, fill in the name for the flow. We recommend using names that let your whole team easily understand what this workflow is about and who it is meant to be for.

3. Choose the duration which you wish the flow to be designed for. The shortest duration is currently for 5 days.

4. You have an option to include the pre-onboarding phase. This is a good option, for example, to new hire onboarding flows where you need to assign tasks before the Day1.

Once you are done filling all info in and confirm with the "Generate Flow" button, you're taken to a new view where you can start creating specific tasks for the flow.

5. By hovering over any of the day columns, you're presented with an option to create a task for that day. This will open up a modal with details about that new task.

6. Filling in the task details:

  • Assign to:
    There are three options for assigning a task.
    A. Assign it to new hire which the flow is intended to be assigned
    B. Assign the task to a specific channel in your Slack
    C. Assign to any specific person in your Slack team

    Note: B, C can stay blank if you're not sure which channel or user will be this task for, and you can fill this is later once you'll be assigning this flow to specific new-hire.
  • Type of assignment:
    You can choose what type of a task it is, so you can easily recognize in the main flow view what type of a task it is.
  • Task Name:
    Pretty much self-explanatory :)
  • Short description:
    Think about this as an internal note to quickly recognize what's the task about without always looking into this detailed view. This short description is visible just through web view, and assignees will never see this in Slack.
  • Slack message:
    Format the entire message of how you want it to be displayed in Slack. To mentioned specific users, use "@" and to mentioned channel just type "#."
  • Include GIF:
    Paste a URL to a gif you to display with the task message.
  • Scheduling:
    If you change the start date, it will move this task to the appropriate Day column you choose. Each task can have a specified due date to the end of the day or in a specific amount of days. 

7. Create all the tasks you need for the specific workflow. You can simply move tasks around with drag&drop functionality for an easier re-ordering.

Through each step of the workflow creation, AhoyTeam automatically saves the changes, so you don't need to be worried about losing anything. 

Once you're done, just press "Done editing" and you're ready to get your first flow assigned.

If you have any additional questions about setting up your team account, you can message us at

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