1. Connecting Slack account

After you get through the initial onboarding, where you can fill in your company information and invite teammates to collaborate. You will be prompted to connect the company Slack account first.

2. Setting up Company timezone

  1. Navigate to top right on your User Name > Account Settings.

  2. Under the Account tab, there's a dropdown to select a team-wide timezone.

  3. Select an appropriate timezone for your company-wide schedule. This is for the purpose of the tasks that are delivered to Slack #channels. 

  4. Note: Specific tasks to new hires are based on the Slack timezone of the individual users and are not affected by this setup.

3. Slack Reminder messages

In the tab "Slack Settings", you can find all the reminders that are available to use. Go through each one of them and choose if you want to use it -> Checkbox on the right corner. And what type of message it should include.

Or turn some of them off for the time you won't need it.

Note: These reminders are applied through all workflows running through Slack.

4. Invite teammates

If you didn't do this in your initial onboarding. You can invite more teammates to use AhoyTeam anytime. Each person has the same "admin" right and can create/edit/delete workflows and assign them.

If you have any additional questions about setting up your team account, you can message us at support@ahoyteam.com

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